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Labour Advice for Corporates/Individuals


    - Poor Performance, Misconduct, Unfair Labour Practice, Demotions

Retrenchments / Restucturing

abour Law 


Restraints of Trade

Exit Agreements

Disciplinary Hearings

Drafting & Review of Labour Related Agreements / Opinions

Employment Agreements

Non-disclosure Agreements

Fixed Term Contracts

Independent Contractor Agreements

Restraints of Trade

Settlement & Exit Agreements

Complex legal opinions on various Labour Law issues

Disciplinary Hearings

Chairing Disciplinary Hearings for Corporates

Prosecuting Disciplinary Hearings for Corporates

Representation of employees at Internal Disciplinary Hearings

Constructive Dismissal

Unfair Labour Practice

Unfair Dismissals

Representation at the CCMA for both Corporates & Individuals


Labour Law Training for Corporates

Sexual Harassment

Social Media

Conducting Internal Disciplinary Hearings

Proper Process during Retrenchments