ducational Talks

Educational talks to schools on Social media, dangers, legal implications and online safety.

I am a child’s rights activist and also a mother of two young children. I started doing this as a result of the increasing suicide rates amongst young people due to cyberbullying. The increasing dangers on social media with regard to cyber criminals targeting children also concerned me greatly. My aim is to educate our young people on how to use the internet/social media safely and successfully.

I provide seperate talks for Grade 4-7, Grade 8-12 and parents. The talks are interactive and contain videos that capture the attention of the learners. There are separate talks for younger learners Grade 4-7 that are more toned down and contain videos that are age appropriate. Grade 8-12 learners usually require more impact so the talks and videos are structured to cater for this. Talks to parents are very similar to Grade 8-12 presentation with additional tips and information to assist parents with parenting in the digital age.
I work with Facebook, Google, Media Monitoring Africa and other organisations on online safety. 

Overview of Topics Covered in Education Talks for Grade 4-7 and Grade 8-12

• Dangers of Social Media  

• Online safety  

• Cyberbullying and Cyberstalking   

• Sexting and Child Pornography   

• Cat fishing  

• Dangers and legal consequences of posting naked images online  

• Digital footprint, reputation and career prospects

• Legal consequences of unlawful posting / tweeting

• Legal remedies available to victims of social         media law  infringements  

• Hate Speech, Defamation of Character and Freedom of Expression  

• Question & Answer session 

Additional Topics of Parent Educational Talks are as follows:

• Being/becoming internet savvy  

• Online Monitoring  

• Child Protection Software  

• Appropriate amounts of screen time  

• The psychological effects of social media/ social media addiction on children