ata Protection & Privacy Law



  • Reviewing and assessment of all existing Agreements and Processes.

  • Identify risks / gaps / non-compliance.

  • Provide risk analysis in due diligence report.

  • Provide an action plan to address risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

Drafting & Imple-

mentation of New Policies,

Procedures, Terms and


  • Drafting & Implementation of new policies, procedures, terms and conditions for your organisation/ business.

  • Amendment of existing employee and supplier contracts to ensure POPIA compliance.`

Training &


  • Training (including online training) for employees, management, human resources department, supply chain management, IT department and Information Officer.

Legal Advisory

Services & Support

  • Provide legal advice and support on the application, implementation and integration of POPIA into your organisation/business.

  • Assist with the appointment of an Information Officer.

  • Assist with the formulation of a

  • records retention register.

Action Plan

For Breach


  • Formulation of Breach Management plan to address data breaches, minimise risk and reputational damage.

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