ocial Media Training for Corporates

Overview of Topics Covered in Social Media Training for Corporates

• What is Social Media & how does it impact business & life

• Social Media and vicarious liability for employers: Defamation/defamatory or intimidating statement

• Cyberbullying & Cyberstalking

• Workplace harassment and cyber-bullying, and the impact of this conduct on the work environment, including       justified disciplinary action and even dismissal

• Cat fishing

• Digital footprint / Reputation

• Social Media Offences & Legal implications

• Legal remedies available to victims of Social Media infringements

• Conduct that may justify disciplinary action and even dismissal

• Customer satisfaction on Social Media, how to respond to complaints on Social Media, dealing with              posts/comments from clients, quick turnaround time for responses

• Intellectual property: brand and reputational harm and who owns Social Media handles and profiles when     employees leave

• Corporate Social Identity

• Information security: the hacking of Social Media accounts, how to react, preventative measures and Social    Media policies